Thursday, July 17, 2008

Look! I made pants!

San Francisco, Jul 16, 2008, originally uploaded by clintonphoto.

Rhoda and Matt sent us a great pair of green pants for Osky and I wanted to make more with all the shirts that we have stashed waiting to have some crafty thing done to them. These are for Paxton (10 mos) and I have other pairs that need to be mailed off to all the birthday babies that just had their first birthday parties and the ones who were just born. Really easy to make! I just hope I dont get carried away and start cutting up clintons fancy shirts he still wears!
Osky got into the SFSU childcare program for MWF so I might be able to take a precalc class after all!. Whoa. Plus the English and the French. and the Astronomy. Maybe four is crazy. Maybe not. Hmm. I have about a week to decide. Any input from you flogs out there?


Sarah said...

that is an awesome idea! I cut up a bunch of old t-shirts and made cloth diapers out of them when I was pregnant with jake but that is a MUCH better idea.

rhoda said...

nice! i may have to find a xxxxxl tshirt so you can make me a pair of comfy capris to sleep in.

omg, first day of elijahs second summer break and it's raining. wah wah wah.