Thursday, June 12, 2008

Osky and his clams

Osky and his clams, originally uploaded by pseudobunny.

Okay. So i am awful at the grocery shopping. We dont have a car and the bike is hard to ride loaded with groceries. I can do a few days in the backpack and load that to the kids seat but Osky gets frustrated if we only go for the short bike ride. So basically we go in the afternoon after a nap. It works and I like it.
Falettis has a great meat department and the folks that work there are really good. They cut the meat, dont try and oversell and most of all they play with osky. So there is one guy ( whose name I am forgetting) and he loves to bust out the fish to say hi to Osky. Seriously. He wakes them from their nap on the ice and bring them out wiggling. Every. Time. And the crabs. And now the clams. Except this time he gave Osky two clams for his very own. Can you see the excitement in his face? He loved those clams all the way home. And then Aussie tried to eat them. And then they ended in the compost bin. But man. He loved them clams. I think this fascination with these sea creatures outside their enviornment is going to make for a funny first few visits when the Academy of Sciences reopens.

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