Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Torch Run

Torch Run, originally uploaded by pseudobunny.

When I realized that we were at the Ferry Building (where I thought the run started) and not at the real start (McCovey Cove..By the ballpark) I thought about walking down there..But we ended up staying at the Ferry Building for TWO HOURS waiting for the flame of Olympus to jog on by.
Instead we saw Michael Chabon & a bunch of anti-China protestors. Most were for either Free Tibet or Stop the Genocide in Darfur. There was one Kosovo guy & one Leonard Peltier guy. I wondered how many people were wearing clothes made in China. Loads.
I think the best protest power is purchasing power. Or at least NOT purchasing power.
Today only my underwear were from China. I felt fairly good about that.
Also the Darfur crowd has MASSES of balloons to emphasize their political position..about 200 of them. And we watch all but about ten float away into the ether to pop and fall back into the ocean to kill innocent turtles. We watched the big SIGN FLOAT AWAY WITH BALLOONS attached. Good grief. If you look through the photos you can see less and less balloons in them. Silly protesters.
We also saw an amazing bluegrass/folk band play on the way back home. I asked Clinton to take photos but at that point I don't think he liked me too much anymore.
They looked like they lived off the grid. A little dirty. All of them had a dog. I wanted to invite them home to shower and spend the night but I didn't think Clinton would be too down with it. And where would all those dogs go?
More photos at the Flickr page.
And no idea what happened to the flame of Olympus. I think it ran into a warehouse and was taken around town in a tour bus after that.
And then lighten the load I bring you this...from the Pioneer Woman.
I need a kercheif to wipe away the tears...

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