Monday, March 17, 2008


From my spoiler:
BareNaked Ladies-"The Old Apartment"
I like this one because I have moved sooooo many times, yet still feel very attached to my former dwellings and they ask- why did you change the locks? How's the neighbor downstairs?? (I stomped on the floor just for fun!)

----> All I can think is about how you have to clean the old one before you get to the new one and then how you have to keep the new one clean too so voila:

Dar Williams- "Echoes"
Just about karma and what you do echoes around the world.

----->So I thought the Trelllis Sweater I made for Osky with the Recycled Cotton Yarn that I think Sunne sent me! I erased all my photos from my laptop and am too lazy to look for them on the Lacie so here is a half done photo:

David Gray- Hospital Food
I like the chorus- "tell me something I don't already know"- just makes me laugh, because that's what I feel like telling a lot of people

------> So I figure for this one I would have to knit food!!!
MMMMM PIZZA! (now i am goin to have to order some...)

AND CHERRY PIE!!!( i dont even like cherry pie and now i wanna make one!!!!)

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