Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some new Ikea items..

A sad sad Osky in the morning...

A happy happy Osky in the morning!!!

Yeah, they have the best stuff! I got a craftin' table the size of a football field for only $65!!!!

And some new chairs that won't fold in on Osky! And they are red!

Plus we got some other stuff too...But those are the fun things.
I am off to prove my knowledge of gravity, motion, orbits, and Newton's interpretation of Kepler's Third Law. Well..online at least. I need help with some of the formulas..I think I have to go to campus on Friday. Who wants to go with and play with Osky for an hour or so?
There is a Lunar Eclipse on the 20th and it can be seen from everywhere in the America's! Check it out..early though I think so check you local sky watch.
And I started in on my atari socks. I thought I would get them done for wondercon - but I still have loads of homework and these needles ARE SMALL!!! But they are cool anyway. I might even have to get a pair of special shoes for these socks!!

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Sarah said...

I just LOVE ikea and so does my budget!