Thursday, December 20, 2007

We did not take a foto of Oscar in the firefighters truck but OH man! Ms. McKnight let him sit in the drivers seat this morning!
He is so lucky to grow up down the street from the firehouse. I think it is really neat. He loves it more each time. And the firefighters have been so impressed with how well he goes right up to the trucks. He may be quiet but he is definitely an engaging little man.
And then - on the next block (ours) the construction of the new preschool is gearing up to have some concrete poured.

They brought in the big guns and Osky wanted to check it out. (So did Clinton and I actually!) That machine is HUGE!!!!!

They are going to start pouring later today so we might go and check it out but it will probably happen during naptime again...maybe I will have Clinton stay in and I will go check it out.
And yes I am knitting again. A little but some. I have about six projects on my want to knit list, but I need more shifts to pay for the yarnski. Kinda hard to justify yarn into the budget sometimes.

I get that but damn...Maybe it is time I looked for a job that is willing to give me shifts again. It took two people to take over my two shifts when I had Oscar and now it is nearly impossible for me to get shifts since the others are there more. They get their faces seen and the shifts go to them. Kind of a drag y'know. And I try real hard to not take it personally but I just can't help feeling like I am the Homer of the employee list lately. Arg.
C'est la vie.

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valerie said...

yeah, bar politics are lame-o.