Sunday, November 18, 2007

Air & Space and The Natural Museum

We are on the eastern seaboard until next week.
We flew in Friday night into Dulles Aeroport. My sister Kirsten and her husband are keeping us over at their house until Monday.
Yesterday we futted around and did nothing but make the little ones laugh and have a good time. I think we watched a movie called "Arthur and the Invisibles". Cute. David Bowie is as impressive as a monster fairy as he is a human bad guy. Gotta always love the Bowie.
Today Kelly took us and the kids into D.C. and we went to the Mall. There we went to the Air & Space Museum!!! AWesome!!! WE saw SpaceShipOne, some really beautiful old airplanes...Some crazy NASA jets....Rockets...A space lab...So neat. It was a fast walk through. I would like to do it again another time..Maybe check out some of the exhibits. But we were traveling with four little humans and the need to move is almost as urgent as my need to get back there and check it out. On the way out we saw the Voyager. A glider/prop gas tank that flew around the world with no pit stops in 9 days. WHA????!!!
After we got over the amazing airplanes at the A&S we walked through the sculpture garden and ended up at the Natural HIstory Museum. Whoa. I have never seen so many bones and dinosaurs and mastadons and mammoths and giant sloths and ground sloths and triceratops and Hope Diamonds in MY LIFE!!!! Needless to say, Oscar was very impressed with all the giant elephant ancestors we saw. I know the Academy of Sciences in SF is awesome...but really. The dinosaur fossils were spectacular.
Did I mention the museums are free?!!!! Bonus!
We did take photos, but they are with the analog camera, so it may be a little bit before I get them scanned onto a CD.
Tomorrow we drive off the Clintons sisters house to see all the Perry clan.
Should be a hoot.


shannon said...

okay, that picture is freaking me out! wha???
it's nice knowing you're on the east coast. happy thanksgiving!
xoxo, s.

shannon loves sabbath said...

yay! happy thanksgiving! Let's hang when all settles down after this holiday...miss you mucho! xo, shannon (the blonde variety)

michele said...

If I've done the math correctly, I think you're back. Yipee! Let's get yummy dim sum soon.