Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't drink anything while reading this post (it may come out your nose).

In our new house ( since MArch '07 new to us renters...) we have very odd shaped and fully painted over brick 'fire'places. I think they are meant for coal, but that is another discussion for another time.
We have been covering the one in the living room with the painting we usually hang in the living room. It is a lovely painting of a road in the woods, with no cars and a gentle curve into the hills of the countryside. It is a lovely painting and has become a favorite of Oscars to draw on, lean on, poke on and generally goof off on. So the time came for us to find a cover. (The other fireplace is in the guest/craft/second living room and is covered by a plank of wood and a bed.)
We went to the best place I could think of that sold random metallic things at a resonable price.
Yea, you heard me.
And we found the perfect piece. In fact, I think it really is to cover a fireplace and since it was in four segments, we just took two off and VOILA!!! Perfect. Now we just need to find some cheesy and cheap candle holder to stick in the dark pit for ambiance. Or maybe a plastic fake fire log! Anyhoo.
I would show pictures, but no camera.
So I drew a photo.
In photoshop.
With my finger.

Its is awesome.
The grate, not the drawing.


sunneshine said...

Your finger drawing skills are very impressive! I am voting for the fake fire log complete with light and fan (so the cray paper moves like flames!)

mattcohen said...


rhoda said...

i can't wait to see it in real life. while puttin oscar in an aunty rhoda stranglehold so i can smell his baby hair and steal kisses.

i'm going to give him the filipino grandma sniff-kiss. it's weird, they inhale strongly through the nose while loudly kissing the forehead.

michele said...

Ross, rules. I can't even begin to count the number of excellent things I have gotten there over the years.