Monday, August 27, 2007

We visited Hyde Street Pier.

Oh, the steam tug!, originally uploaded by pseudobunny.

I can not believe I haven't gone here before. Really fun!
More photos at flickr

Also, OMG!!!!
And please look at this. I know most of us flogs here eat well, so the bad foods list doesn't bother, but the goods foods list is kinda neat. Makes me wanna have a BIG salad with some of those crisps Aunty Jilly introduced me to and I can never remember the name and a large glass of yummy grapefruit juice. Mmmm...And a warm sweet potato. Mmmm...
(Those links are thanks to The Worsted Witch. I don't even know how I find these sites anymore. Unproductive naptimes is all I can guess....)

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shannon said...

what a great photo! gosh i miss sf...