Monday, August 20, 2007


I guess I have been out of the bloop lately.
I wish I had something more excited to tell you but all I got is
Well, sorta. I am only taking French but I also can't seem to actually register for the class. I have already been out to campus twice to settle this, but I guess once more can't hurt. The best part is the class is downtown at night - instead of out at the Ocean Campus (which is - as many of you know - awful to take a night class at and a 45 minute bus ride away).
So, I am happy.
The knitting is totally on hold.
The yard is slowly coming together.
There are tomatoes coming, but not much else. Thats okay. Next year...
Clinton is awesome.
Oscar is awesome.
Aussie is awesome.
Uh, thats it folks.
More and more photos later.
Oh! If you want to be really good and spooked - check out pseudopod. Seriously awesome horror podcast.
Also radiolab.
OH and if I haven't invited you to join goodreads - go and join!


Sarah said...

I want to go back to school! Paul and I were trying to get tickets to a WSU game this fall but there are no hotels in pullman any weekend! CRAPPY!

Are you going to OFFF? Paul is trying to crap out on going and I am trying to be a good wifey by saying "yeah I guess I don't need to go" but I want to!

michele said...

Thank goodness Aussie is awesome -- I was worried for her on Saturday. I should have known by her swagger that she would be okay!