Saturday, August 04, 2007


goodbye meghan.
i have never laughed so hard as when you and i would laugh together.
thank you.

I need to clarify about Meghans passing.
I met Meg working at the Hard ROck Cafe when I transfered here from Honolulu. She quickly became a close friend. Sally, Meghan , and I were notorious for laughing way to loud on the floor.
Soon after I moved here, she was found to have melanoma from a mole on her backside (along her beltline). She began treatments for it, it had mitastized(sp) to her lymphnodes. She went to through some gnarly chemo and shots and all kinds of cancer blech stuff. Through it all she was fun to be around and brave and finally really mad at me for serving her decaf coffay without her knowing about it.
The cancer went away and we all lived our lives. Meg and Sally traveled between Meghans school. She was in school to become a chiropractor. Amazing really - I still get jealous thinking about how she really did take and pass organic chemistry in one summer session. WHAT?
Then, about the same time my dad and his cancer started to return, so did Meghans.
I can't begin to tell you how or why and especially where, except that she really did get the best medical and spiritual help in working on getting this new bout of cancer out of her system. She went through some insane brain radiation treatments that words do no justice to. The video is painful and makes my legs hollow. And there is Meghan - talking about how they drilled the little screws into her HEAD! ACk.
So, I don't know. Her girls threw an amazing memorial service for her that really represented Meghan better than I can here.
She was seriously funny. And trouble. And nonstop. And always coming back for more.
SO, if you have a mole that looks funny- GO GET IT LOOKED AT OKAY??????
bye meg.


Sarah said...

I am so so sorry for the loss you are going through now.


pam said...

wow. she sounds awesome. and thanks for the reminder to check the moles.

rhoda said...

i remember you speaking of her so fondly. i'm so condolences.


shannon loves sabbath said...

she was such a rad lady. cancer's so lame :( I'm sorry for your loss. xo!

shannon loves sabbath said...
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