Friday, July 13, 2007

insomnia is for the wicked, and the wicked will join the Y so they can sleep at night, because really, this is assinine....i need sleep.

I love other people.
I have been following this blog for a while.
They just posted this mix for the summer.

As most of you know, I am totally inept at trying to find music on my own. But I love this mix. I may just have to buy each and every one of those albums. To sate my need to enjoy music. Just don't tell Clinton.
It will be a nice surprise.

(Oh, and to all you knitters out there..I am knitting two socks at once right now. Yup. You heard me.
I will post a link and photos in the morning.)

Back to my insomnia.

Maybe I will just start having a martinieverynight.


The Tawatas said...

Rach...thanks for the "Summer Mix". This saved me from KSSK overload at work. Have you tried SOMAFM? Their Indie Pop Rock channel is pretty cool.

knitknak said...

oh....I'm sorry you're having trouble sleeping....I'm sleeping but....I'm wandering around the house during the awake hours not getting anything accomplished....stress....I hate it. No focus what-so-ever!
ps..I got the job. :)

shannon loves sabbath said...

me likee the mix!

mattcohen said...

thge william powell thing - aweseom.