Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Talking Heads

Just read Maus I and Maus II again.
I wonder how mutti and poppa Cohen felt about the whole war and Hitler and all that? Were they so entrenced in their own complex life that none of it mattered? Maybe since generations had passed, families had dwindles, names had been changed?
And why were we taught nothing about them? Or our Jewish heritage? All I can remember telling everyone was that we were just not raised religious, but the older I become and the broader my life experiences become, and especially with Oscar, I just wonder if maybe knowing a little more would give me some hope for him and our family. By cutting us out of the knowledge we have lost generations of knowledge that other families have held on to. Or was that our father just being 'him'? Our grandfather was a 32 degree Mason!!! That is a lot of dedication if not just a lot of mysterious meetings and stories. I have always thought about Poppa and Kathy & Granny and Len as my 'set' of grandparentals but I do wonder about Mutti and Poppa Cohen. Would they have loved us? Or would the mystery of the family disintegration reached out to us and we too would be shunned and un cared for? I am really mad for not asking Dad any of this stuff. I think there was a small window in our relationship that I would of asked him, but for some reason I never took advantage of it. Fear of the answer I suppose.
How about one of you out there in blogland pretend to be possessed and answer some of those for me?
Until then, I give you great grandson Oscar.
He has learned to smile on cue.
And that chocolate is yummy!

He likes to be naked more than take a bath, so in the evening I let him be just that. Then we read and voila off to bed.

Again with the really cute, total effort, on cue, smile.

And Jenn! Your package came. It is AWESOME!!!
The chocolate is gone, the biscotti are amazing! I think I am going to make some leggings for Oscar out of the yarn - red-orange will look good with his shorts, and if he gets hot it is an easy change. The coffee is yummy! I made a pot of the Farmers Market. Yum! I have to check with Clinton, but I think we may have stopped in fayetteville on our last trip across country..But it may have been West Virginia.
The book is not only beautiful, it is really really nice with all the pens I have. Oscar became jealous though. I had to let him have some doodle time with some crayons. It will make the doodles more interesting when I get to the pages he managed to get to.
Sporadic an artist is he and he doesnt like a dirty page.


punkrawkpurl said...

hugs and kisses!
btw... totally *heart* the layout/color scheme of this new blog... maybe not so new... okay i have been a suck-ass blogger... but i am back!

Rachel said...

I totally understand where your coming from about unanswered questions about family. It seems like you spend your teen/20's having not much of an interest in family and when you do have kids you start to wonder where you came from and why.

Good luck to finding the answers and its really cool that your grandfather was a 32 degree Mason.

MsFortuknit said...

What lovely Bamboo!