Thursday, May 03, 2007

the spawn performs & the scientists research vessel

Here he is in all his glory. Wailing away on his harmonica. Hangin' with his books.

Awww. Smart. Musical. A shoo in at M.I.T. right?

He has also developed a new talent. Standing and spinning. Amazing. Gifted and good-looking!

My friend Valerie is going aboard a research vessel for 11 days. She is going to collect samples from the oceans surface. She cannot go on deck at night lest the other scientist don't see her fall overboard (not gonna happen!!!) when the trawlers come up from the sea.

The night scientist are researching monster squid.
Well, squid, but I want it to sound dramatic.
She makes me want to get into marine biology so I can go on a research vessel too. I am so excited to hear her stories.

Yes, there is a helio-pad on this research vessel.
That is so Team Zissou can jump on board when needed.
I think she is kin to Steve Zissou. Team Triple Z'z yo.
I have another new hero:


mattcohen said...

that is some souful harmonicanation-izing. You just need to get him that hands-free shoulder mount thing bob dylan had.

What happened to Google video? It seemed like you were using that before.

shannon loves sabbath said...

Oscar is such a little talent! Harmonica's good...but the spinning, BRILLIANT! You guys sound like you're having such a good time in the background, proud parents that you are. cute!