Thursday, April 26, 2007

this is SF, not the tundra's of Russia (is that good apostrophe use?)

I love Aussie's butt in the photo.

It was cold people, that is why he has that hat on.

Haven't you read the Mark Twain quote about the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco?
Seriously people, it is not a joke!
And to those on the know...our PG&E bill came and it was only $80!!!! YAHOOOO!!! I knew we were good consumers...and we had the heater on too...So I know we weren't underpaying those girls. We were overpaying.
Craft photos coming soon.
Anyone have a good book reccomendation? Damara, I am gonna request that book you recommended from the library...
We took a zipcar over to Ikea for our window treatments...

He slept on the way back..NICE!!
But we drove the newest version of the Prius, which has the handy camera on the tail end so you don't run over anything video screen. Nice.


roni said...

My goodness that boy's grown!
It was 90 degrees here yesterday, supposed to be 60 and raining later in the week, wierd! My cat was outside for a couple of hours (because she refused to come in) and when she did come in she kept trying to walk and kept falling and turning in circles...poor old girl, I had the phone book out looking for vets that were open on Sat. evenings...figuring it was time...and she's fine today! She was so close to death!!! but nooooo she's bounced back again! she can't even take mild heat anymore it seems. Poor thing.

Sarah said...

Haven't been by in a while. Oscar is so big! he was just a little one when I first internet met you! ;)