Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Would you move home to help family?
I know I would, but I am really torn here.
I love the mainland. The accessiblity. The weather. The mainland. But now, Mama and Papa have more under their belt and they are suggesting we go back there to help. It doesn't help that they are yes, in Hawaii. But that is really the fact that is holding me back. I like being 'up here'.
I feel comfortable, but I dont know if that is solely because I have been here for 10 years. Or if because I really do like it here.
So I need to do a pros & cons list.
But I would really like some help from you all out there in bloggah land.
Go for it. Lay it on me. Lay it thick.
Look At Clinton's Website While You Think About It


rhoda said...

WAIT! What? You've just moved into a new place. You sounded so happy about your new apartment. This is why I think you should stay in SF:

So we, "the cohens", have somewhere to visit.

SF is your home.

Clintons family wants you on the same continent.

SF is your home.

Education system is better there.

Public transportation is better there.

Food is better there.

Cost of living is the same. Probably worse considering that the middle class is slowly disappearing here yet the number of homeless is rising.

SF is your home, but you can always come back to HI.

Don't get me wrong, I love you guys, buy I think that you are doing so well there now. How would a major adjustment affect your life? Would it be positive for you and your family?

mattcohen said...

I gotta concur.
I think there is so much more opportunity in Sf than here, esp. for your other half.
If i'm not reading too much into this, if this is a "what am i doing wit my life" thing don't forget that taking care of oscar is a full-time job even though sometimes it may feel like doing nothing. Think about the impact of that job on oscar from his perspective - its a huge job.
I know that's kind of lipservice, so maybe find something you can do from home. I think you're strength are in your art, if you can find ways to work in photoshop or flash or something you can do that from home and just be people's photo/image/website team. I know i spend hours editing and maanging photos for my site.

shannon loves sabbath said...

Oscar's a hauli, urban, city baby...aussie too. J/K
You guys just moved, are you really thinking of leaving? Oahu's beautiful and all, but so is SF with all sorts of culture and opportunities. Let's talk soon and I'll disclose my pro and con list in its entirety. xo!

Clinton's portfolio looks rad!

your sis said...

but....but....I have been a slacker and haven't made it down to visit and drink hot chocolate in the ... hot chocolate place...yet....and ...but...can I visit you there if you go? do they have a hot chocolate place to sit and knit in hawaii? hmmmmm will you stay in touch of you go away???? good, luck ... I hate making those kinda decisions...(hmmm *scratching head* maybe that's why I live 20 minutes from where I was born)

your sis said...

ok crap...sorry about that, I haven't done that in a long time (it's that damn update your info thing) Not your sis....but just me in that last post! hehehe sorry you might have to adopt me if I don't stop that

knitknak said...

ok me...it's me....sorry I'm going to have to ground myself. I promise I'm not drinking..hehehe just computer dumb today.

sunneshine said...

I have been out of the blog commenting loop for a bit - its been a little crazy here. I don't think that I know you well enough to comment other then to say - What ever you do make sure it is the best for you, Osky and Clinton - everything else will work out!! I wish you the best and someday, no matter where you are, I will be coming to visit :) And we will go somewhere and knit...

Anonymous said...

stay in SF for all these reasons

1. Mufi Hanneman is not your Mayor
2. all the reasons rhoda listed plus all reasons matt listed
3. no car is good (happy earth day)