Tuesday, April 24, 2007

answers for the coffee swap-a-reeeee-no!

Hi Jenn!!
(shakes hand back!)
Here is my list of preferences... and some other nonsensical info about me...

Also, I am a total nerd. Like really. Anything Joss Whedon, mostly Serenity stuff, comics, math, cars, bikes ( have you seen the new Electra bike the AMSTERDAM???), books..all kinds, my baby boy, my dog, my man...Just read through a few entries on here and I think you will get a small drift....

Whole bean or ground?
No matter....what ever is easier, but I use a coffee maker if that helps!
Fully -loaded or decaf?
Regular or flavah?
Regular pulease. Something unatural about the other kind...
How do you drink your coffee?
Hmmm. LIke with cream and sugar? Or, what vessel do I use? Depends on my mood for the sigar and cream...
Favorite coffee ever?
I have found a local roaster who uses organic yumminess and makes EACH CUP fresh..so good. But no favorite.

Are you fussy or will any bean do?
As long as it is coffee.. ;)
Favorite treats to go along with the brew?
madeleines are lovely...but usually on have a treat if i am at a coffee shop...
Anything else about your coffee preferences?
no..this game is all about new stuff right?
Yarn/fiber you love?
Lorna's Lace's makes some sweet sock yarn. I know, but hey?! I am knitting socks...i can be a little indulgent!! ;) (natural only please!)
Yarn/fiber you hate?
While hate is a harsh word, I really don't do anything with the synthetics. I have a stash of it (hand me downs and early yarn purchases) and they will never be used by me. Unless I need something to insulate my house...I think.

What is on your needles now?
I still have a cardigan on them from ages ago...Bad me. Socks(always at least one)...a clapotis...a warshrag....I have been trying to finished all my UFO's and get on with my knitting! hahahahhaa
Favorite colors?
hmmmm. for yarn? i dunno. not neons..but i don't know otherwise...
Hmmm. Neosporin?
Anything that you really love, dont like? Need to get off your chest?
I am so excited about this swap! I love the USPS and getting things in it...a nice touch of days gone by....
So have fun and I hope you like what I have too!

(the pics are from my dad milton, ahhahahah they are too funny!)


Jenn said...

Don't be embarrassed! Yeah, I'm a total nerd and literature nut...but hey, everyone's got to have their things, right? Those pics you posted are great--I love the sign for dogs.

I'm starting to learn how to knit socks--I can see how they are so addicting. I'm also excited about this swap and look forward to learning more about you!

shannon loves sabbath said...

good job on the signs milton, funny!