Thursday, April 19, 2007

And so...

thank you for all the input about the maybe moving home. i still can not make a decision. so i leave it to the fates to decide for us where we will end up. i will say, however, that NYC flooded and if i really want to lessen my carbon footprint, i should probably stay up here on the mainland instead of being in Hawaii...where all the food is shipped in...everything is brought in...ugh. i think i know...but we do want a car. maybe not. maybe shwarzenegger will pass the bullet train bill and then we wont have to worry abotu getting a car.
that would be quite a tumble off the tracks though huh?
poppa len has told stories about taking the traint ot work in L.A. and how on the way home everyone would hang out in the bar car and talk story. now that is bar..i mean car sharing....
i put a bunch of photos up on just scroll your mouse over the flickr thing on the right of the page and check it out.

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roni said... who are those people!! They sure are all fancied up for Easter, very cool.