Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Long time no blog

So, it has been a while since i last blogged and for that I apologize.
We moved and I have been entertaining family (from both sides!!) and moving. Did I mention we moved?
So first, the birthday fotos are on the flickr thing. I am not going to repost them. If you really love us, you can link and look. Otherwise, you needn't worry your pretty little head over it.
I am working on a beautiful scarf, a clapotis - no. 2, made from recycled sari's.

How cool is that? My aunt has been giving me some yarn..I now have an insane stash...and this was jsut screaming " MAKE ME A CLAPOTIS".

I hope I have enough cause otherwise there are goin' be some nekkid ladies somewhere..and they are not going to like it...well..at least not expect it...(tryin' to post photos, but am having trouble...?- i will post them later.
Here is some video from our new home instead.

We no longer can claim scotch-tape-family living.

Aussie is finally adjusting I think.
Although, when I call her to go outside, it takes her a while to find me.

And when the doorbell rings, she doesn't go apesh*t, which is pleasant.

hulllllloooooooooooooooooooooo???!!!! is that avon calling?
We even have an intercom, so we can find out who you are and still not let you in.

No. We wouldn't actually do that. Really. How could we when all we have is love for all of you?

I cant upload photos still and i dont know why i cant get the other video up...I will get this together soon...
I can not explain to you how much better I feel being here. I was all apprehension and nervousness on the thought of living somewhere normal..Like maybe the universe was telling me that I wasn't ready for it, or that I did not deserve it. But now, now that I have slept here a few nights and have hung the curtains and put the plates where they belong and had a nice dinner and a hot cuppa tea, I know. I know we do belong here. And that we will be here for a long time. And Osky will learn to love his neighbors and mow their lawns and play with their children. Because we are home. After a long haul in a small moldy inlaw, we are home. Thank you Mr. Ng!!!


rhoda said...

i cant wait to come and visit and check out your new home! i just looked the pics on flicker and "awwwwwww" i wish we were in closer proximity to each other. at least on the same land mass...

matt and i totally spaced on elijahs bday party pics. i have to beg my mom to figure out how to email them to us.

sunneshine said...

Congrats on the new digs!! It sounds so nice... And what a great birthday party, they grow so fast!!

Hope things settle for you soon!

shannon loves sabbath said...

wow wow wow...looks like such a cute place. Can't wait to see it!


mattcohen said...

yay new houze! I am kewl slepping quy noww.

shannon said...

you are so demi moore! congrats sweets, looks awesome!

Roni said...

Yay for you!!!! Look at how quiet that street looks!!! My friend is on Pierce near the marina...it reminds me of that,

Talked with my sis tonight about a trip down to see ya....she's in. I hope we can do it soon!
I have a conference end of may and first of june, has to be probably before that!?

Nice to hear from you!
are you an sp10 player this time or too busy moving?

Rachel said...

Your place is sooo cute and it looks perfect for you guys!