Friday, February 16, 2007

A little catch up now

UHm. We gave notice to our landlord. I am now in the middle state. Where disbelief has been suspended and I think we will be living on the street come March 11th. I know that is not true..but alas. I get nervous.
I am finishing all my WIP's. Have to - cause really, the stash is out of control and I have about ten WIP's. So here is one..the Trellis sweater from Knitty.
I used the cool recycledish yarn the Sunne sent me in the PRGE. 2nd Time Cotton. Size 8 rounds...I have been working on it for a while, but not as long as some WIP's. It is huge. I googled for some assistance and saw that most who make the one year size end up giving it to and older child.

Osky will just have to wear it on a cold day with a sweater under it for a year then. It is really cute. Old man sweater. I love the color too, it is kinda blue, kinda green. Since it is made from leftover shirt materials, I am guessing they had to blend all the cotton....
And another Oscar birthday photo, cause he is going to be celebrating till the end of the month anyway!

We drove up to Dillon Beach for his birthday.

Yes, thats me wearing my We Call Them Pirates Hat. I made it for Clinton, but it is too small for him. So I wear it mostly. He does wear it, but he likes his hats to ride low.
That is where we tried to have a clam bake and instead brought home Aussie.
Man that was some good lobster. And yummy other stuff.
And then the cows walked through the campsite. Funny.
I stamped on Vanlentines Day and made a little mobile for Clinton.

He brought me flowers and two boxes of bonbons. We have since eaten half of every bonbon and put the rest back in the container.
I love being a grown up.
Thank you Roni for your kind words. I do need to keep a journal. And we are lucky to have gotten some really neat photos from our grandparents. I will scan and post those soon. After the move. Too late to start big projects before we get over there. And my dad was a fanatic about writing letters. His diary as it were. I am going to bind the ones I have into a book. I dont know if anyone else saved them..But I am hoping to find two I am missing. One is a history of our family. I think I have it stashed inappropriately in one of my boxes. The other is the last letter he wrote. He didnt send me a copy. I dont know if that was intentional. But alot of sibilings got one so I can only assume he forgot my copy. So if anyone has those, can you burn copy it and send it my way?

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sunneshine said...

I love the sweater!! I am kinda sad that I didn't buy any of that yarn for me - but when I see Osky in the old man sweater, I will be glad that he has it!! So glad that you found new digs - they sound amazing! And I miss the and Oksy look so great there with Aussie, beautiful and peaceful! And look at all the recent posts!! Have a great weekend!!