Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ten Things

I havent been able to do my Dads obit yet
I missed Shannons dinner party
Oscar cried for two hours tonight starting the second I walked in the door ( and thus missed Shannon's dinner party)
I havent been able to mail TL's box off yet
Sunne's gift is amazing but I havent uploaded the photos cause I cant find the time
Roni sent me some awesome stuff
Clinton took me away for a fabulous night at Indian Springs
I am almost sure I can get on the plane to fly home to Honolulu (open water = no place to make an emergency landing)
I never got my stationary swap & I still have to mail one set to my swap buddy
But then I found this and my heart got warm



roni said...

OOH I'm so glad you liked the stuff I sent. Happy Birthday!
Hope things slow down some for you soon. Are you headed off to Hawaii????? If so, then have a wonderful time and Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said...

I missed you this weekend! But I'll see you in Hawaii, if I don't see you sooner...