Friday, November 10, 2006

Glory Be to The Sciences and The Maths, the True Paradox of Humanity

Well..Word is that my dad is doing okay. He is at home...not gonna be running any marathons anytime soon. Unless you consider running a slow walk and the start line at the dining room table and the table on the lanai the finish line...
But well enough. I am thinking about when to get back out soon after the last person has much time to let them relax before I get out there and mess up their daily ritual...blah blah blah. I did send them a DVD from the Gee's Bend quilt show at the deYoung. It has fotos of the quilts, the documentary about the Guild and some songs. I hope they enjoy it.

While I have been working on many little gifts and the like...and finishing them...the unfinished Trellis grows...I am starting to think the 12 month size may actually be a little bigger than that, but then at least Osky can wear it a bit longer!

I am making a hand towel from the Mason-Dixon book, but I used cotton and it doesn't look right. It is supposed to be in linen... Fun to knit though...

And of course, for all the fans out there:

And for the other kinds of fans out there:

Best all time 2nd rate actor out there.
Well, besides Bruce Campbell. Speaking of, anyone want to go see and see this?

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