Thursday, October 19, 2006

i love my pops

i dug up some postcards and letters and photos from my dad
just to cry but they are so funny
i am gonna make clinton scan them so you can all read them
he is one funny fella
genetics are awesome!

my pumpkin

clinton pumpkin

winner gets to not moon the trick or treaters


metal and knit said...

Well I haver to say yours as it is more expressive to me. mooning the trick or treaters mmm I thought you only do that from the back of a bus on mad monday after the football season.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for your pumpkin! Although Clinton's is not too shabby either. How would you two like to come over and carve our three pumpkins -- we are of the triangle eyes and half circle mouth variety. Those should bring you lots of trick-or-treaters!!

Sarah said...

Awesome pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must learn how to do that. I am a designer after all you would think I would be more crafty.

pseudobunny said...

hey sarah!
its all about martha for the pumpkin decorating tips...caried some..but essentially i drew up my 'werewolf' face on to some paper, taped it up, poked holes/traced it onto the pumpkin, used linoleum cutting tools to carve the orange off the pumkin, applied vaseline (martha tip) to the exposed meaty part, and used PLAKA on the face...i love PLAKA like none can imagine....
and thanks for the votes ladies!

meagen said...

wicked love those pumpkins dude!!!!

Anonymous said...

very cool pumpkins. I think your wins for coolness and innovative design but clinton's is scarier.