Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lexington, Kentucky and The Stinky Shoe Tree

Ahhh....How funny it was. The laughter we shared. "Of course we can get good, high speed wifi across the USA!!!!" we said..."How could we not, after all it is 2006. A good year for communications and tubes for internets and all that jazz." HAHAHAHAhAHHA. I thought it would be better in St. Louis, but well. They don't even have power, so I count my lucky stars for what I do have: one tiny little bar of wifi at the Lexington La Quinta. With one fleeting tiny bar. Ack.
And so we bring you a report from the above mentioned Lexington. Kentucky. And thank you for waiting. With bated breath no doubt...ahh. I love to think millions care about this exploration of the sideroads and small towns of America......but I know more care about what I am knitting...
Here ya go:

Warshrags. By the gazillion. And I love it that I am going to come with in a few hundred miles of Fort _____ where the company is from. Maybe they have a museum on the coast I can go to. Anyway, if you get one, that is where it came from. This road trip!
I forgot to show and tell the weirdest thing on the Loneliest Road!
The Stinky Shoe Tree!!!

As we passed the Singing Sand Dunes, I noticed a tree. Well, maybe two trees, but really. Any tree in the desert becomes a focal point. And this one had some very strange fruit or nuts growing from it. So we turned around (especially after such good luck with the spider-bug, we had to.
Crazy huh?

And you know Aussie had to poop right smack dab under it. Cause it was stinky. Very very stinky. Many shoes = stink. Especially when cooked together like that under the hot desert sun.
I really like the good luck horseshoe in there. See it?
So we left you before Denver.

That there is us climbing the Rockies. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee.
Where we were lucky enough to stay with Katy and Melissa. Yay!
So good to see those ladies. And eat good food. Two yummy restaurants. With no photos. Of course. As the conversation gets lively, the photos disapper. But I can say that Denver was awesome. I hope on the way back West to visit Jan (and maybe even Paul) and see some other parts of Colorado, but if that doesnt happen I will head back to the state.
After we left Denver, we headed into the dreaded Kansas.

Ack! A very 'level' state. Very 'level'. So we decided there has to be something in the entire state to redeem it a little. To maybe move it from 'most boring state' to 'hey, maybe there is hope for the world inspiring kinda state'.

And whoa. Did it ever.

See him in his coffin. AIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

Now, this guy lived a long time ago.

And well, he deserves a lot of respect for inspiring not only us to head into his town, but hundreds of others.

He was a Civil War Veteran who settled into the town of Lucas, Kansas and then began his bizarre love affection with cement. And politcal and religious allegories of the time and some that still live on with us.
His house has been a museum from the day he made these statues and continues after his death. Very surprisingly randomn. And did I mention how isolated Lucas is?

Also, we arrived at about 8 am. So the museum was closed and noone was about. In a weird way, the whole town was a museum for Clinton and I.
I love that the town also copies him.

There is folk art all over town. Well, all over the quarter mile stretch of downtown.

I guess if San Francisco were chopped up and spread out all over a whole state, we would become Kansas. Hmmm. I think I would like to stay close to all my neighborhoods. It would take an awful long time to walk to work and even biking would be tiring. Yup, no State of San Franciso yet please.
As always. Click on the image to see it in big size!!!
More in the morning. This is taking soooo long. It is late and I want to shower. xo.


rhoda j said...

matt mentioned that we should travel more today....now i know why. stop putting these ideas into his head! i like* being stuck here on this rock driving by the same things everyday, being excited when a new coffe bean and tea opens up close by. i'm comfortable** here, so please stop having so much fun during your spontaneious adventures and please, please please stop flaunting that cute baby.***
**more sarcasm + rolling eyes
***sarcasm + eyes + green with envy

i wish we could see you guys more often.

Anonymous said...

I am having so much fun reading your blog during your trip. I haven't been farther east than Coeur d' Alene, Idaho!!!!!!


pseudobunny said...

well i wish i would stop traveling too rhoda but dang it
i will if this country doesnt solve its wifi issues
and stop the heat
no more entries till i find fast free wifi

BlackCrow said...

Hi pseudobunny, love the photo's hat a weird place Kansas must be?
Makes me wish I'd learned to drive, but I guess it's never too late.
I've also never been out of Australia either, must do something about that too!!!!

mattcohen said...


Heatherly said...

baby on the shoulders is such a famalira postion! it keeps their feet and hands off the keys...also why i type in lowercase.