Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I forgot we made a video..Well, Clinton made the video, I thought he was taking my photo..Thats why I have the stupid..Stupid...STUPID smile/pause thing going on..

And we also went up to Healdsburg for a BBQ at my friend Bone's Family Ranch...ANd WHOOOOEEEEE..It is so far back in the woods there. WOW!!!
I guess I was so stunned by all the trees and the amazing redwood grove that I didnt take any photos...Aussie was having a blast seeing all the open space..Even though she stayed right by my side the whole time..Unless she was chasing a ball around. Very beautiful. I can only imagine what all his family's ghosts were thinking with a bunch of tattooed mama's and papa's playing horseshoes on their land. Hope they didnt mind too much, cause I would really like to get back there and take some photos of the amazing circle of ten thousand foot tall redwoods..Oh..
And I made a cake for the fete..An upsidedownapple cake..

And some haupia, but fotos only of the cake!
And I have been knitting, just not taking photos...And the camera battery died...BUT- I have finished one sock from my secret pal! YAY!!! And my secret pal said she has a box for me on the way! OH BOY!!!!
And here are my niece and nephew channeling their uncle Clinton...

okay..i am off to a mom group..I will report back later..

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