Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Sorry about how the comments were set up...My big brother had to tell me to fix it...Seriously derr move!
The song is the gorillaz..
I am glad you are knitting the chicken hat. It is still sitting in my room waiting for its legs...Gotta get on that!
Let me see photos!
Tammy! I think i am gonna come do an Alameda tour soon...Clinton and I are thinking about moving over there..Hmmm...I think my knitting stash would get outta hand seeing as your knitting shop would become a daily walking destination...
And anything else..sorry for not commenting back on..but comment away!!
hee hee
sorry again!
(and the photo is just because i love the spirit of that dog!!!)


mattcohen said...

comment comment

rhoda said...

oscar looks even cuter than before. if thats even possible!

Stacie said...

funny dog! You go dog! I love Alemeda! I used to live in Oakland for 10 years, before we moved to Chicago for a change of veiw, now we live in the freakin corn fields! Oh well.... Have fun and tell Punk Rawk Purl we miss her spunky blog spirit (like the pooch!)