Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wonder Con 2006

First: Aunty Jilly!!! We never showed you Oscars cool onesie! Can you see the photo from the day we all went to Tomales Bay for Oysters? It is his favorite...

Hope Uncle Larry is doing good on that bike!
So we went to Wonder Con 2006!!!
We even brought Oscar, which was risque, but we werent gonna let anyone touch him!
There was Bubba Fett... I think...

And some Fox people...

But then the Stormtroopers shower up and tried to take Oscar away at phaserpoint!

Clinton couldnt handle it and swore to join the Dark Side if Darth Vader would just let Oscar go! Brave man, my Clinton huh?
(He had his fingers crossed, but don't tell Vader that okay?)

Then the freakiest thing happened! The frickin' Alien came and swiped Oscar!!!
No worries though, I got all Sigourney Weaver and Mom style and took care....Clinton recovered from the shock and we both got Oscar back!

Wonder where Aussie was?

At home asleep...Not protecting her herd...hmpf!

And lastly: I have not been able to knit yet...I am starting tomorrow..Lets just call it a little sprain or something..but I swear I will have it done...
Baby handicap...but not really a understand right Oh Olympic Officials?


rhoda said...

introducing oscar to the nerdfest, are we? (says yoda)
welcome young master.

oshareneko said...

These photos are so great! I love it! I'm so glad you decided to go!