Thursday, January 26, 2006

What Aussie thinks:

"well..if you are just gonna lay there and sleep...I am gonna sit here and stare at the outside..."

"if you are gonna let me sleep on you..can I have a little extra support for my neck...its a little sore from straining to look out the window all day..."
(aslo-for the record, Clinton is pretty sick and he really does need the sleep..not just him being a sleepy guy...little bacteria are making him do it...)

And then I stopped knitting for a day and am laying out a 'blankie'..The squares are mostly from Miltons tutu and were already done.

So I dyed some old pillowcases for the back of the blankie and to go around the front squares..I will show as it progresses...

And last..but not at all least...

Imagine a little human instead of a teddy bear and you have one helluva a proud poppa!

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