Wednesday, January 11, 2006

oh scary photo

Been watching the new Frontline series on PBS about the two boys from Kentucky.
Fairly brutal.
It makes me so incredibly happy to know we as humans CAN grow and better ourselves no matter who or what we come from...
Just gnarly that they made a documentary about it. Kinda like watching the Shelby documentary...gets me all riled up and fussy and mad and even more upset that I dont do more in my community and country to change all these crazy attitudes and lives and belief systems that are so obviously not working for the majority of humans out there...

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meagen said...

so, like, i heard this thing on fresh air(?) a few years ago about a gun control program in d.c. . apparently the folks behind the program noticed a larger reduction in gun-related crimes compared to the number of guns actually turned in, which was unexpected. the assumption was that social conditions were more linear in nature. the conclusion of that gun program was that perhaps social conditions are somewhat epidemic, and that you only need to hit the tipping point in order to see major change. how this has to do with YOU is that you've got that bun in the oven, and you're gonna have an influence over his morals/beliefs/whateveryouwannacall'em. this child will contribute to the tipping point.
plus, i think people can do whatever they can do. i personally can't handle any kind of majorly organized form of community, so i try to really give to those around me, strengthen that community, and who knows?!?!? maybe that will help someone else who can contribute in a more formal way...and you, you've got yer son!