Saturday, December 03, 2005

Slight Case of Insomnia

Okay: so, before i have to post all kinds of wacky photos from the big hooha this weekend, here are some more from TDay '05.
Here are some Uncles and some massive amounts of delicious food:

Calvin and Bryce..I hope i spelled those right...shame if I didn't..but cute huh the little bugger?!:

Matt Cohen, token haole for more than 18 years. What an honor huh?:

Ann and Lois and Milton, wranglers of a very cute little Eli:

Oh! A contender for Matts token haole position, as you can see by the over abundance of pumpkin themed deserts on his plate....that was funny. Had the whole house laughing as he walked back to the couch. Nice one Grace, loadin up his plate li'dat!:

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