Friday, November 18, 2005

Sunday Was a Mess..

So Clinton and I decided to go do a little shopping...and get some bfast. Wanted to check out "Q"? on Clement Street and go look at citikids, because well..we are gonna have one soon. SO...after blocks of wandering, the hunger kicks in and we cant find the breakfast place...So we decide to go eat at Burma Something(Star).

Hence the fun China Beer photos of Clinton.

We were Having Fun and I was trying to get Clinton to have a little buzz so shopping wouldnt be so overwhelming. But then.

Then the waitress spilled water all over me. And my pants. And by my pants, I mean my crotch. And by spilled water I mean full glass of water.
So there went the fun. Ffft. Out the friggin window...or rather..right off the table and onto my pants.
So we got the food to go and I got the best, biggest, sweetes pastry I could find

and ate it.

Then we ate our Brurma Something and went and looked at citikids. And Clintons eye twitched the whole time...see- the beer relaxed him, but the wet Rachel took the ease away.
I went to the dog park with Aunty Lynnie today, but I will post those photos later. My cankles are sore and I dont want to walk over to the table and get the cord for the camera. Sorry. Cankles outweigh Photos. Later today.

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meagen said...

i can't believe that was your experience at burma super star. let me tell you how not a day passes when i don't think of their sumosa soup!!!! and the rainbow salad w/22 different ingredients (and i have them tell me what those 22 different ingredients are each time, too). ah geez, i hope you'll try it again sometime?
oh, and i'm feeling better!